The Eiffel Tower – The French Sure do Know How to Make a Nation Symbol.

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Whether your Slovakian, Iranian, Kazak, Karakalpak, Taiwanese, Japanese, Jamaican, Lithuanian or American. You no doubt are familiar with the Eiffel Tower. I could never count the amount of times I have seen or heard of the Eiffel Tower. I have viewed it in countless photographs, seen it in movies, read of it in books and studied it in school. I have had an image of the tower burned into my mind since childhood, but it was a fragmented image. It lacked the surroundings, the atmosphere, and the culture. All of the things you can’t get from a photo, a video or a book. This is why I traveled to Paris. To experience it’s celebrated sights with my own eyes and to fully grasp their greatness.


3 Responses to “The Eiffel Tower – The French Sure do Know How to Make a Nation Symbol.”

  1. Sandra Leah Says:

    I’m reading The Devil in the White City right now and they keep talking about “Out-Eiffeling Eiffel.” After seeing it, do you think it could be out-eiffeled? PS: Im so jel of your right now. You better go to Scotland!

  2. Sandra Leah Says:

    Yeah! Do it! Try to get a picture of Nessie.

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